Thursday, 10 November 2011

Shani Dev Temples, Shingnapur Village

Lord Shani Dev is worshipped in many Shani Dev Temples of India Shingnapur city is found in Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra state. Shingnapur village is about 170 km from my city the town of Nashik. We started our journey at 6:30 am within our house. It had been fascinating journey for me personally on a bike. Shirdi temple is found in the path Shingnapur. Therefore we created the first choice, take darshan of Sai Baba in Shirdi. We reached Shirdi at 09:15. In Shirdi, who spent three hours online. Shirdi temple may be an extremely important temple in India. It’s really known throughout India and abroad too. After taking darshan also Shirdiwale Prasad Sai Baba, we continue our journey Shingnapur. We felt a lot more after the break Shirdi.

The road Shingnapur was truly exceptional, why hadn't experienced a dilemma, using the bike. We reached Ghodegaon which is on the Ahmednagar-Aurangabad Road. Shingnapur village is simply 6 km from Ghodegaon. I additionally love my buddy was too thirsty we'd been looking for hotel water, consider the sugarcane juice vendor was there having a bull. And so i drank the juice of sugar cane. The new juice was very irritable too. The place of all Shingnapur is included with fields of sugar cane, along with local farmers bull underneath the yoke of the factory, the wheels to crush the cane and generate short amount of time juice.Following he entered the campus shingnapur Shani.
Whenever we went within the campus shingnapur, surprised me by stating that there was a college and the school doesn't have door. I had been in no way arrived at Shani Shingnapur only heard about the houses don't have any doors shingnapur, however I saw a realistic look at Shani Shingnapur. My brother left the bike shop Pooja material. The dealership said: You are able to park your bike before my store i presented dhotis and water for bathing due to the painting isn't permitted within the temple.

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