Thursday, 21 June 2012

Indian Culture and Traditions

India is having huge diversity in culture and is one of the respected culture throughout the world.Indians respect their culture most and follows it.

In Indian culture, we've certain traditions which we accustomed to follow as per our understanding and we view that the traditions are getting followed from your ancestors period of time.We used to celebrate our festivals with this family and respect a lot also. Every festival has some meaning which teaches us a great lesson to live in society.

We've strong culture for celebrating the marriage and tradition and method of doing marriage by using our rituals. Marriage celebrations in India are carried out in a very large scale, and now a days it's giving some employment options also.As India is second most populus country in world after China, and there exists a wide range of communities and religious people still, We're one and known as Indian only our identity is Indian only.

Therefore we respect India and its culture, because because of our culture, we are what today and it's the one which teaches us the most.
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