Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Konark Sun Temple: A Famous Tourist Destination of Orissa

Sun Temple, Konark, OrissaMaybe you have visited Orissa, an eastern state of India? If so, then you definitely should have visited Konark, probably the most famous tourist destination from the state of Orissa. Otherwise, than the article will certainly encourage you to definitely plan the next visit to Orissa as well as in it 2 days will certainly be focused on Konark. Why Konark is essential visit for individuals visiting this world? Konark houses the colossal sun temple; throughout the olden days the natives of the place accustomed to worship Sun God within this temple.

The Konark Sun Temple boasts an exceptional architecture. The temple can be found in the shoreline of Orissa, that is around 3 km from sea. The temple was created in line with the structure of the large chariot of Sun God or ‘Arka’ and it is decorated using stone carvings. The chariot operates on 12 pairs of wheels and it is drawn by 7 spirited horses. Each one of these wheels and horses are decorated exquisitely by well-known craftsmen of ancient India. Your tour guide will certainly let you know the way the wheels behave as precise sundials. Shadows from the spokes of those wheels tell the positioning of the sun on the horizon, that one can determine time. The rood of Konark Sun Temple is pyramidical fit and it is a lot more than 30 m tall. Additionally, you will run into beautiful sculptures engraved within the walls of the temple, that are a great deal like the sculptures of Khajuraho.

While entering this temple, you'll initial step in to the ‘Nata Mandir’. Throughout the olden days, the ‘Nata Mandir’ was the performance area for that dancers of the temple. One of the very famous types of Indian classical dance, ‘Odyssey’ was originally the dance form performed by temple dancers of Orissa. 
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