Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Need For Medical Tourism and dental treatment in India

Medical or Health tourism covers a large spectrum of medical services and is the most widely used form of vacationing today. Wellness and healthcare is combined with leisure, fun and relaxation through medical tourism. Medical tourism supplies a ‘cost effective’ solution to off shore patients needing surgery and other specialized treatment. Medical tourism has been made accessible by the corporate sector involved in medical care in addition to the tourism industry. The idea of a proper holiday is to offer you a chance to get away from your daily mundane routine and enter into a relaxing ambience. Medical tourism offers an avenue to enjoy the beach and the mountains and also enhance your quality of life in terms of health and general wellness. It is like rejuvenation on all levels - physical, mental and emotional. Let's now get specific area, that is in great demand in India!Affordable Plastic Surgery in Panama City

Dental Care in India

There are several Dental Care packages available. However, solutions depends on the requirements of the person and his holiday needs. There's a huge difference between the pricing (about 7/8 instances when we speak of Top-end dentists in US and India for the same dental treatment procedures. A number of the facilities offered by the dental clinics are:

Dental Scanning - Intra mouth

Whitening of teeth
Surgical Intervention under general anesthesia
Prosthesis on the implant
Vertical and horizontal bone grafting
Ceramic caps without gold under microscopic control
Palatal orthodontics
Fluoride treatment for children
Gum Grafting
Over denture
Combined prostheses with milling
Maxillary surgery
(to become continued)
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