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The Cultural Heritage Of India

The Cultural Heritage Of India
Haryana is a part of the Kuru region in North India. It had been founded in the year 1966, when Punjab was split into modern Punjab and Haryana. It has Delhi on all of the three laterals. Chandigarh, which is administered because the union territory is the capital for Punjab too. It is believed that this is the place that Hinduism in India around since as the epic battle of Kurukshetra and also the battle of Panipat was fought here. It's located between 27° 37' to 30°35' N latitude and between 74°28' and 77°36' E longitude. The physical area is spread over 44,000 square kilometers. This state has contributed immensely for the Green Revolution which has helped our countries in lots of ways.

Kurukshetra is called as the Land of Holy Legends, because it is mentioned that the great battle Mahabharata happened here only. The Sri Krishna Museum in Kurukshetra features remarkable stone carvings from the poses of Lord Krishna along with other deities. There are miniatures, palm leaf etchings and other types of art that one gets to see here. The main city city was the first to introduce town planning which is a fun loving place for tourists. Sultanpur national Park and Bird Sanctuary is a superb place for avid bird watchers.

Panchakula may be the only hill station, where blackbuck, tigers, panthers and all sorts of are seen. The badhkal lake and Dumdama Lake is essential view lake spot. Together with it are a number of gardens in which the nature's beauty is evident. Haryana is recognized for its adventure tourism. Mountain climbing, trekking, rafting in the river Yamuna is known in nature. The proud heritage and also the greenery around is the USP from the place.

The natural resources, policy incentives and also the infrastructure in the state assist in development in the automobile, agro based and textile industry. It's a land of great culture as well as other travel destinations. The highlights include many cultural and adventure tourism the key factor, as there are many craft centers that have started. The adventure club was were only available in 1991. The tourism department from the state is concentrating more about the development of the sites which are of historical in addition to of religious importance.

The state provides many tourist complexes, hotels and camping sites in landscaped gardens to advertise tourism. Haryana has one of the most successful tourist development programs led through the state tourism department. The perfect time to travel is between October and March because the damp climate can be avoided. Travelling by road is an excellent experience with the help of National Highways. Likewise the environment and rail are well connected too.
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