Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Top 5 Off-Beat Places in India

Just like scientists have explored only 2% from the ocean, similarly travellers have experienced only a quarter of India. There is a legion of locations that are yet to be explored, experienced and unfurled in India. The nation is mosaic of deep dark secrets which are awaiting your arrival. The center of India throbs with adventure, passion and much more. Underlining the true essence of India, these places using their
quintessential beauty will take your breath away. Attempt to visit at least one of them in your India tour.

Athirappally Falls, Kerala

Exquisite and divine to look at, Athirappally Falls is enveloped inside a hazy and cloudy ambience. The chilly air and also the downpour of sparkling pristine water boost the overall beauty of this place. The nearby exhibits an unearthly and uncanny imagery, simply to be found in movies. An outstanding hotspot on your Kerala tour, Athirappally falls will also be called the Niagara of India.

Bhedaghat, Madhya Pradesh

Cutting with the heart of India, Marble rocks of Bhedaghat stand tall being an entrenchment on both the sides of River Narmada. Made from Marble, these rocks glaze incessantly because the sun rises. The pure spotless white surface shines because the moonlight dances over it. Enlisted as one the 1000 places you have to see before you die, Marble rocks of Bhedaghat really are a natural spectacle. Travel to India to see this breath-taking natural wonder.

Sar Pass and Chanderkhani Pass, Himachal Pradesh

If you wish to experience extreme adrenaline rush, then visit Sar Pass and Chanderkhani Pass. Only few happen to be successful in exploring this area because of its altitude that is 13,800 ft. Sar Pass includes a dynamic landscape that continues changing at every turn. Chanderkhani Pass hosts the Shivalik range called ‘Devbhoomi’. The expanse is decked by blooming wild flowers and scenic beauty. Go to the Sar and Chanderkhani Pass only if you are well on an adventure trip to India.

Lepchajagat, West Bengal

Undefiled and untouched, Lepchajagat can be found approximately 15 kms from Darjeeling and it is bestowed with sacrosanct and rapturous beauty. This magnificent place pleases your eyes with its beguiling greenery. Displaying a mosaic of colors with a foggy ambience, you can view the movement of clouds in one peak to another.

Gokarna, Karnataka

Wedged between the hills may be the beach called Gokarna. Nestled in North Karnataka, this beach is spruced with pristine and clear waters and is a keeper of silence. The beach resembled the Sanskrit symbol ‘Om’ that the true reason of its popularity among the tourists. Blessed with spell binding beauty, Gokarna is a haven for travellers and peace seekers. While Gokarna isn't a mainstay in popular Goa or Kerala tour packages, it's worth a visit if you want to escape from the hustle-bustle of tourist swarmed spots.
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