Sunday, 23 June 2013

Monsoon trip in India - Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala and Goa!

Travel during the monsoons in India, as most popular 3 states as Jammu & Kashmir, Kerala and Goa. The travel concept is different over the years as many travellers wait for a arrival of the monsoons to explore places that offer them enough excitement to really make it a memorable experience.
Though India offers plenty exciting destinations but ideas have listed out our best three states which are a must to travel in India throughout the monsoon season with minimal hiccups.
1. Jammu & Kashmir:
Not the Kashmir Valley but simply the region of Leh& Ladakh, which is a area of the Indus Valley and lies in the far flung corner of northern India. This remote place has probably the most exciting popular tourist destinations because it was opened in 1974, specifically for adventure sport lovers.
2. Kerala: 
God's own country, how true! Throughout the rains Kerala is the place to be for everybody. The place invites you with open arms to savor its natural beauty and its unique safaris within the national parks and backwaters by boat, which makes it a very peaceful place to be. They say- It's possible to smell the real fragrance of Kerala throughout the monsoons.
3 Goa: 
Although not recommended to savor the sun, sand and surf throughout the monsoon, Goa offers lot more than just beaches. Being a member of Goa's spectacular sceneries and vibrant monsoon festivals is definitely an experience by itself. You can go fishing if you want and be a part of the dance and music from the locals.
Goa can be affordable during monsoons as possible attractive hotel deals during this period of the year before the peak season approaches and also the prices shoot up.
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